Varadero - 32 scuba-diving sites
Varadero diving Varadero is Cuba’s most famous beach resort, extends along the northern coast of the Hicos Peninsula.

It has many comfortable hotels, several scuba-diving centers, also many other facilities for leisure activities.

The diving area runs from the Bay of Matanzas to the western edge of Jardines del Rey "Gardens of the King" Archipelago. The sandy insular shelf descends gently here and has many coralline formations and a great diversity of fish.
Two of the most popular spots are the Ojo del Megano "Blue Hole", an underwater cave 230 feet 70 meters in diameter in the reefs near the Bay of Cadiz, and the marine park near Piedras del Norte Cay, which covers an area of two square nautical miles and contains a motor torpedo boat, a frigate with cannon and a transport plane, plus the remains of other ships that were deliberately sunk here to create the largest underwater collection of these manmade artifacts in the archipelago.

Varadero is near 87 miles 140 km from Havana and just under 10 miles 16 km rs from Cardenas, where there is a unit specializes in underwater medicine, with a hyperbaric chamber.
Diving centers:
- Acua, Ave. Kawama 201 e/ 2 y 3, Varadero
  Tell: 66 -80.63 or 61 - 44.48
- Super Club Scuba, Hotel Puntarenas, Varadero
  Tell: 66 - 70.93
- Barracuba Scuba,
Street 1 ra. y 59, Varadero
  Tell: 66 - 70.72 or 61 - 18.52
- Varadero Scuba, Hotel Beaches, Varadero
  Tell: 66 - 84.70
- Super Club Scuba, Hotel Puntarenas, Varadero
  Tell: 66 - 84.70
- Gaviota, Punta Hicacos, Varadero
  Tell: 66 - 77.55