Havana - 72 scuba-diving sites
Havana diving Cuba’s capital is a beautiful coastal city whose past and present are closely linked to the sea.

It has four international, scuba-diving centers, covering a diving area 62 miles 100 kilometers long and almost 2 miles 3 kilometers wide, where you can find the remains of shipwrecked vessels that have been declared a part of the nation’s historic patrimony.

Flower, and Brain Coral are abundant in the area, which has attracted a profusion of bright coralline fish, such as Blue Chromis, Squirrelfish, Blackbar Sodier fish, Grunts, jeniguanos and Tangs. In deeper waters, you’ll find turtles, Nurse Sharks, Blue Marils, tuna fish and sword fish.
A fabulous coastal belt of coralline white sandy beaches begins just a little over 12 miles 20 kilometers east of the city. The main cultural center of the country,
Havana has a picturesque older section, UNESCO has declared a part of world heritage in addition to many hotels, theaters and museums to be explored.
Diving centers:
- Tarara, Marina Tarara, Via Blanca 18 km, Havana.
  Tell: 97 – 14.62
- Copacabana, Street 1 ra. 4404 Miramar Playa, Havana.
  Tell: 204 -10.37
- La Aguja Scuba,
Marina Hemingway, 5th Ave y 248
  Sata Fe Playa, Havana.
  Tell: 204 -11.50
- Blue Reef Scuba,
Carretera Panamericana km 33,   Caimito, Havana.
  Tell: 680 - 82.90
- Club Habana,
5ta. Ave.188 y 192 Flores Playa, Havana.
  Tell: 204 -57.00