Jardines de la Reina - 33 diving sites
Jardines de la Reina diving Jardines de la Reina "Gardens of the Queen"
This necklace of islets off the southern coast of Ciego de Avila Province is surrounded by sea currents and a rich coralline reef inhabited by many species of chelonians.

It is one of the last places in the western Caribbean where turtles come to lay their eggs. Its international scuba-diving center serves the Grande, Caballones, Anclitas, Piedra Grande and Cachiboca Cay area.

The many species of marine fauna that live near colonies of coral Common Sea Fans, sponges and gorgonians-mollusks and crustaceans are also quite an attraction.

The deep water here has as uneven bottom, which is the habitat of numerous species of fish, some of them quite large, such as Tarpons, Palometas and Bonefish.

Here, too, you can go in for the most exciting forms of scuba diving: swimming with sharks. Lodgings here are very limited, and many people choose to live on board, access is only by sea.
Diving center:
- Avalon, Jardines de la Reina, Ciego de Avila
  Tell: 9 - 81.04