Marea del Portillo 17 scuba-diving sites
Marea del Portillo diving Marea del Portillo is part of the Great Sierra Maestra National Park, in Granma Province.

The coastal area forms a cove with an excellent beach featuring dark sand.
The seabed has the same characteristics as in other parts of the same ecosystem in the easternmost part of the island: high hillocks separated by narrow holes, carpeted with beautiful fossil invertebrates that have formed caves and tunnels in which fish, crustaoceans and mollusks seek refuge.

Its treasures of great patrimonial value include two ships from Admiral Cervera’s squadron: an old galleon with 36 cannon and the Cristobal Colon, both of which are still in very good condition.

Nearby, toward Cruz Cape, the southwestern most point in eastern Cuba, the marine flora and fauna are truly fabulous, with Elkhorn Coral, gorgonians, Common Sea Fans and a vast profusion of fish.
Diving center:
- Albacora Scuba, Playa Marea del Portillo, Pilon,   Granma.
  Tell: 59 - 71.39