Santiago de Cuba - 73 scuba-diving sites
Santiago is the second largest city in Cuba, and one of its most popular tourist destinations.
Distinguished by its unique ambiance, great functionality and markedly Caribbean atmosphere.

It has three scuba-diving centers. The Sigua, Daiquiri, Bucanero y Sierra Mar diving areas parallel the coast for 93 miles 150 kilometers. Here, the coralline reef has taken capricious forms that run from barriers near the coast and hillocks scattered through large sandy areas to ridges, deep drops in the seabed and impressive walls.

Even though there are points of contact and similarities among the various scuba-diving areas near Santiago de Cuba, each one has its own attraction-which is what makes this area, with its many diving sites, so popular among scuba-diving buffs.
Several ships of Admiral Cervera’s celebrated Spanish fleet that was defeated by a powerful squadron of the US Navy on July 3, 1898 during the Spanish Cuban American War, sunk during that encounter and lie on the seabed off Santiago de Cuba.
Diving centers:
- Bucanero Scuba, Hotel Bucanero, 21km from Santiago
  Tell: 68 - 63.63
- Sigua Scuba, Carretera Bucanero, km 40 from Santiago
  Tell: 63 - 61.65
- Sierra Mar Scuba, Hotel Sierra Mar, Guama, km 60   from Santiago.
  Tell: 62 - 63.37