Cay Levisa - 15 scuba-diving sites

This island, with its own lodgings, is in the Los Colorados Archipelago, just off the northwestern coast of Cuba.
Its coralline beach and seabed are truly impressive.

Massive formations of Star and Brain Coral, Common Sea Fans and feathery gorgians are nearby, along with Stoplight Parrotfish, Oceans Surgeons, Grunts, Bermuda Chubs, Red groupers, Mutton snappers and many crustaceans, including Spiny Lobsters.

St.Carlos’s Crown is one of the most popular diving sites near this scuba-diving center.
Access to Levisa Cay is by bout, setting out from Palma Rubia, just over 90 miles -146 kilometers form Havana.

Diving center:
- Diving World, Cayo Levisa, La Palma, Pinar del Rio
  Tell: 66 – 60.75