Cienfuegos - 46 scuba-diving sites
This lovely city by the sea, has made quite a name for itself on the world of scuba diving with offers back up by the beauty of its seabed and the lushness of the coral reefs hat protect a large part of its coast, wich is on the Caribbean.

The province has several excellent hotels and three scuba-diving centers, which cover enormous area-from the Bay of Cienfuegos, on which the city was founded in 1819, to beyond Boca Ambuila, near Guajimico.

There are more than 50 diving sites. Sunken ships, colonies of coral and diverse fauna, such as Tarpons, barracudas, Groupers, Snappers, Grunts and Angelfish, form part of the great wealth of its depths.

Turtles, Jewfish, Spotted Eagle Rays or Whip Rays and impressive but inoffensive Whale Sharks put in an occasional appearance. One particular colony of Pillar Coral has been named "Notre Dame" because of its similarity to the Gothic towers of that Parisian cathedral.
It is 19 feet 18 inches 6 meters tall, one of the most notable coral formations in the entire Caribbean.

Cienfuegos is on the southern coast, 167 miles 269 km from Havana and 112 miles 181 kilometers from Varadero.
Diving centers:
- Faro Luna ACUC, Hotel Faro de Luna, 18 km from   Cienfuegos
  Tell: 45 13.45
- Whale Shark, Hotel Rancho Luna, 16 km from    Cienfuegos
   Tell: 45 - 12.87
- Cubamar Viajes, Guajimico, Carretera de Trinidad
   28 km from Cienfuegos on way to Trinidad
  Tell: 45 - 12.04 or 45 - 12.05